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The End is Coming


Remind your favorite performers that ‘sometimes you gotta kick all that fear away.’ Spongebob and Sandy climb a lava-drenched mountain called Mt. Humongous to save Bikini Bottom from its demise. Their treacherous feat is the inspiration for this Bravo Bouquet. It features dark, mysterious greens with popping accent blooms of orange and red.

The blooms we use for each arrangement may vary.



All Bravo Bouquets are pre-order only. We’ll have to stop taking new orders at noon on Friday, July 26th. Once you place your order, we’ll make the arrangement, attach your card message, and drop your Bravo Bouquet off backstage to your performer at the performance you select. The default setting on our website is “pickup” at our shop in Chillicothe. Please disregard the delivery method, as all Bravo Bouquets for a given performance will be dropped off at the theater together, and the “drop off” delivery method is included in the price you see here.

We are so grateful to share this experience with you. Thank you so much for your support!