Katie F.

Executive Director

Favorite Plant: Ranunculus or the famous "Coffee Rose"

Unique Ability: I can arrange two different songs into one great mashup!

Logan S.


Favorite Plant: I love all beautiful flowers!

Unique Ability: I love working and being around people. Taking on new tasks and greeting everyone who comes in.

Laura C.

Greenhouse Specialist

Favorite Plant: Gerbera Daisies and Petunias

Unique Ability: I like helping out with different projects here at PFF and working with people. I love being around my family and doing things together inside and out!

Iris H.

Greenhouse Specialist

Favorite Plant: Irises

Unique Ability: I am a crafter (sewing, crocheting) and like to do puzzles, organize anything, and gardening.

Rachel W.

Design Manager

Favorite Plant: Classic Red Rose

Unique Ability: Singing to all the flowers!

Kourtney C.


Favorite Plant: Lisianthus or Sword Fern

Unique Ability: Craftiness

Amanda S.

Retail Associate

Favorite Plant: Burro's Tail

Unique Ability: I'm a chicken mom!

Jeanne C.

Retail Associate

Favorite Plant: Hoya (houseplant) and Pansy (outdoors)

Unique Ability: Being a good "listener"

Lydia C.

Greenhouse Specialist Intern

Favorite Plant: Fittonia 'Red Anne'

Unique Ability: I have a great eye for interior and exterior design!

Roger W.

Delivery Associate

Favorite Plant: Coleous(Apple)

Unique Ability: Fixing things, numbers and memory, multi-tasking and coordinating

Pam M.

Retail Manager

Favorite Plant: Carnation - long lasting and so many colors to choose from

Jonathan P.

Jr. Associate

Favorite Plant: Geraniums

Unique Ability: I have a fun personality!

Sarah D.

Retail Associate

Favorite Plant: Lavender

Unique Ability: I am creative when it comes to planning parties and events!